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Contemporary artist
Born in Japan in 1992 Currently based in London. 


When SaiakuNana first started working as an artist in Japan, she went by her real name “Nana”. However, after a colleague at her job described her paintings as "Saiaku" which means “Terrible”, Nana decided to add "Saiaku" to her real name, thus becoming the artist known as “SaiakuNana”. Beginning in 2015, she began holding solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan. 

As a music lover, her works are not limited to the field of art but belong to a wide range of the contemporary art scene, including collaborations with musicians.
In 2018, she won the grand prize at the 21st Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art. Afterwards, she used all her prize money to move to New York and held her first solo exhibition. 

Her first art book "Art Rock Manifesto" (DLE Publishing) was published in April 2019, followed by her first solo exhibition in London. Her largest solo exhibition to date titled "NO REASON" was held at Gallery KATA in Ebisu Liquid Room in Tokyo in 2020. 

For the past 10 years SaiakuNana has never belonged to a gallery, nor has she been invited to join one. Therefore, she decided to set up her own gallery in London
in 2021, "SAIAKUNANA GALLERY" which will be completely founded and owned by herself through self-financing and will exclusively sell her work. 

“Life is art, people, rock and roll, and a gamble.
I'm not satisfied with existing contemporary art, so I want to create a new one.” 

by SaiakuNana 



Studied graphic design at technical design school in Tokyo


First solo exhibition 「strawberry violence!!!!!!!」design festa gallery/tokyo


Solo exhibition 「10,000yen in love」design festa gallery /tokyo


「Darty Pink」design festa vol.38 /tokyo



Solo exhibition「If my drawing becomes rock 'N’ roll」Muryokumuzenji/tokyo



Changed name to 「Saiaku Nana-chan」


Solo exhibition 「When the ‘dream’ word becomes uncool」



Solo exhibition「Fuji and Pink」hair room aoi /yamanashi


Prized at「Shibukaru-hai」/Shibuya Parco gallery


Live paint at Sasakure Festival 2015 /tokyo 



Solo exhibition tour 「Rock 'N’ Roll Star」/tokyo, kyoto, yamanashi


Live paint at Sasakure Festival 



tokyo Finalist for NYLON JAPANxsonny music 「JAM audition」



Solo exhibition tour「Saiaku Nanachan」/



Won the Taro Okamoto Award at the 21st Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art/Taro Okamoto Museum of Art 


Solo exhibition「Saihaku Nanachan New York 」/ExhibitionCafe grumpy /NY



Published first work book 「GEIZYUTU ROCK SENGEN」(DLE Publishing)


Special exhibition「ALIVE」Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum/tokyo


Solo exhibition「GEIZYUTU ROCK GIG」on sundays(The Watari Museum of contemporary Art) /tokyo


Solo exhibition「First Punk」 TSURU +LIM / LONDON



Solo exhibition「NO REASON」/ KATA (LIQUD ROOM 2F)

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